newborn photography

Being invited into a family's home to photograph their new family is an honor and a privilege. 

My style of photography is Lifestyle and I love this style with new families because it captures those beautiful brand new moments.

It's raw and emotive. 


I usually focus on baby for the first half of the session.  If the situation allows we can get some sleeping photos and not to forget the important hands, feet and all the wrinkly features.  Then I usually include the rest of the family, siblings and mum and dad. 

I usually try and capture baby within the first 10 days.  It  allows us to try and get some photos of them being more sleepy and less unsettled. However I am a mum of 3 so I can relate to how intense those first few days can be.  I always reassure my clients that it's not a stressful session.  All I am doing is capturing you guys in your home, doing what you do every day.  Think of me as a fly on the wall. 

I do also appreciate that babies work to their own rhythm and I ensure that we do too. I don't rush our shoots, so if you need a break or baby needs a feed, or a change I am happy to work around you and your family. I am patient.

Have a look at my pricing page if you are interested in booking a newborn photo shoot or contact me if you want to have a chat.

Thank you to the families within this gallery for allowing me to use their images