Shani & Bayley

Newborn Lifestyle Session

5 February 2020

I have so much love & respect for these guys!  


For a few reasons; they have truly jumped into the deep end of parenting, they are super laid back, they have so much love for each other and they are already a great team! 

Being a young couple they are changing the way they do things, having a baby first may not have been what was originally on the cards but they don't seem to let anything get in their way. They have a wonderful supportive family with them alongside their journey.

Hanging out with these guys in their beautiful Kumeu home (just around the corner from me) was honestly a great morning, I got some insight into their family so thank you Shani & Bayley for sharing your family stories and the roads of life you have travelled so far !

Oscar was really relaxed and just super laid back during our newborn lifestyle session and you guys are doing an amazing job!

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do

- Benjamin Spock

Thank you so much Shani & Bayley for sharing your beautiful family with us all 


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