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15 September 2019


Not all my work is maternity, newborns and young kids.

Tania contacted me to get arrange some updated family photos of her 3 kids and her mum.

 Her youngest had turned 21 and she does a 21st photo of all her kids which is such a cool tradition.

Each of my shoots have different elements to them and I guess that's what makes my shoots so interesting.

 Usually the lighting is my main focus and today was a little tricky because there weren't many clouds in the sky! Clouds are good, clear skies not so much.

The location was  a special place for Tania and her family as they bring their dogs out here nearly every day and have done for ages. I also love that being able to capture a family in a location that is special to them really makes the shoot that much more memorable.

Also just on a side note, these guys could not stop laughing! I can't even imagine what lunch around the table would be like on a Sunday over at mums. They all have such an amazing bond and you can see just from the short time I had with them they are a really close knit family and I loved that!

So thanks guys for sharing your morning with me and thanks for going a little out of your comfort zone boys and feeling a bit awkward! I'm sure you are going to treasure these photos to come.

Mum will.