I have been working with my clients for over 7 years (in between having my own children). I love working out doors and this has taught me so much about working with different elements (namely that pesky sun!).

I am passionate about my craft and I am always learning, reading and watching. I love doing courses that allow me to put what I have learnt straight into my sessions. I am the happiest when I am behind the camera, whether it's with my clients or out in nature.. Strangely I'm not a fan of being in front of the camera though so I do understand how nervous my clients feel especially when they are self conscious in front of the camera. My aim is to make you feel as comfortable as you can be.

I am a perfectionist which does lend it's self to getting you great photos! My best time to shoot is sunset for sure, they dont call it the golden hour for no reason. In saying that I do shoot during any time of the day.

I also love meeting people and love connecting with my clients. Being photographed can make you feel quite vulnerable and love that my clients trust me. I'm sure that's what lends itself to the ongoing support that most of my clients have shown me over the years.


Katelyn & Family

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"I was a bit worried about how the photography session would go initially. We had adults who weren't very keen on the process and my expectations were that it would be a bit like pulling teeth. We were all so pleasantly surprised at what an enjoyable experience and memory this became for us. We laughed throughout it, spent some quality time together and Jenifer did a beautiful job of bringing out the personalities of our family. The cherry on top was the photos that came from this. They were warm, and showca"

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