Family sessions can take place either at your home or out on location. We work closely choosing the best location that works and suits your family. I have a few favorite spots that I like to use, but I am also up for exploring other options so lets chat about what will work best for your family.

I have 3 young children so I can appreciate that children have the amazing ability to create a wonderful chaos and this is what I try to capture during your session.

I also love taking multi-generational family photos. I find something so special about capturing the whole family together. Also these are great wedding anniversary, special birthday present ideas.

Typically a session lasts around 45min - 1 hour and usually at 1 location.

lovely words from stacey...

"As a family who love the outdoors, it was such a great experience when Jeni came into that world to pick up on both how much we enjoy it and also the enjoyment we get as a family together. We felt completely at ease and able to be ourselves at a site that we were used to and Jeni captured all the natural moments. Impressively she did this in 100 mile per hour winds and made it look like it was a summers day! Thank you Jeni x"


What should we wear?

A.The age old question...I suggest wearing colours that are light and match the style you are wanting. I am happy to have a brief consolation with you to discuss your outfits.

What if it's raining?

A.We will most likely postpone. It's no fun lugging kids around in the rain and I'm sure thats not the style of photos you are after. I will confirm weather (and tides if required) before our day.

What if my kids are grumpy and dont want their photos taken?

A.I can assure you I have been given my fair share of challenges during my years. I have a bunch of tips and tricks up my sleeve and if needed a bit of bribery in the way of small white and pink marshmallows.
I'll leave the big kid up to you ;)

What if someone is sick?

A.Please let me know and we can reschedule. It's not fair for me to pass on unnecessary germs onto my other clients.
The same goes for if I am sick, I will notify you as soon as possible and reshedule.

When do we get our photos?

A.I do my best to get your photos to you within 2 weeks. There are times that this is not possible however I will communicate this with you if needed. If you require the images sooner it's best to let me know.