The age old question of "what do we wear". I suggest to my clients to think of light coloured clothing. It's a balancing act trying to keep to the personality of your family, match or dont match, feel comfortable and stylish all for 1 session. But when you manage to pull it off you will be so happy you did give it some thought. Feel free to have a look through my family galleries for some examples of what past clients have done.


My sessions are always relaxed and fun. Kids will be kids (I know, I have 3) and I put no pressure on them at all to ‘sit still and smile’.  I work around them and we just go with your families flow.

I do suggest feeding your kids a snack before our session rather than during, it’s much easier for them to manage if their tummies are a little full. And for the little ones taking their rice cracker away from them when they aren't finished....well we all know how dangerous that is!

I encourage parents to let their kids be kids, I can wrangle them and get them to listen. When parents are relaxed and chilled - it looks great in photos!


During our session I capture a combination of relaxed, natural images as well as some portraits. Our session usually takes around 45min -1 hour. I find that that's usually more than enough time to get the images we need (and usually the amount of patience and energy everyone has in them)


Depending on where we are its best to dress according to our location. Think practical but stylish. I suggest bringing a change of clothes for afterwards just in case we get a bit wet if we are on the beach.

*Warm clothes also go down a treat after a session*


There is almost always a sneak peak within the first 24-48hours! Keep an eye on facebook too as I post some photos on there too as I edit.

No one like waiting so I try and have your photos to you within 2 weeks.

You will be send a link to a gallery that you can view and download your photos.


If you love your photos please feel free to share them and tag me in! I can also arrange printing if you would like to get some of your images on your walls. No pressure though.

I also LOVE seeing my clients photos in their homes so please feel free send me some photos of your photos.

If you managed to get some photos of me on the day of our shoot please can you send them to me. I love behind the scene photos doing what I love!

psst...did you know that returning clients receive a $50 discount


a free print of their choice to the value of $50?